6 pianos – 12 pianists

A loving group of musicians fights the pianist’s solitude and creates a piano orchestra, attempting to redefine the traditional sound of the piano in a new context.

Piandaemonium, an ensemble unique in its kind, was founded in 1998 at Domna Evnouchidou’s initiative and originally consisted of herself and eleven former students of hers.

In its 20 years of active presence, Piandaemonium has premiered works by Greek composers, written specifically for the ensemble, has presented arragements of great symphonic works, as well as original works in a variety of pianistic combinations, and has performed with great success at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, at the Pallace Theater in Athens, at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, at the Little Theater of Ancient Epidaurus within the context of the Greek Festival, at ‘Mousikotropo’ Festival and at the Greek National Opera within the context of the 2017 International Piano Festival.

The Piandaemonium ensemble consists of the following members: Charalampos Aggelopoulos, Antonis Anissegos, Kostas Chardas, Domna Evnouchidou, Evi Giamopoulou, Thodoros Kotepanos, Christos Lenoutsos, Irini Mavrou, Maria Mylaraki, Stefanos Nassos, Christos Noulis, Dionysis Pantis, Antonis Selemidis, Stefanos Thomopoulos, Melina Tsinavou, Thodoris Tzovannakis, Eftihia Veniota, Nikos Zafranas.