6 pianos – 12 pianists

J. Cage 4’33”
G. Gershwin An American in Paris (transcription T. Kotepanos)
S. Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet – The Piandaemonium Suite (transcription T. Kotepanos)
12 Greek composers 12 Miniatures
N. Αnadolis Old Jazz memories (a little suite)
A. Anissegos Styx
T. Antoniou Three portraits
M. Hatzidakis 3 songs for mixed choir and 6 pianos (transcription K. Chardas)
G. Koumentakis Typewriter tune
G. E. Lazarides Nostos
G. E. Lazarides The journey of waters
C. Papageorgiou The musical suite
S. Tsiligiridis In C Lines 6*2 (2023)
A. Vassiliadis Approach II

 6 pianos – 6 pianists

G. Fitkin Line
J. Psathas Voices at the End (2018)
S. Reich Six pianos
D. Economou And Then There Was Light (2023)
G. Metallinos Kai sy ton ymnon dexou
M. Theodorakis 4 songs for mixed choir and 6 pianos (transcription K. Chardas)
N. Skalkottas Six Greek dances (transcription T. Kotepanos)

4 pianos – 4 pianists

J. S. Bach Concerto for 4 pianos and orchestra, BWV 1065
D. Milhaud Paris
V. Nicolaou Quadra

2 pianos – 4 pianists

L. v. Beethoven – A. Horn The ruins of Athens, op. 113
G. Bizet – M. Wilberg Carmen fantasie
P. Grainger Random Round (1954), for 5 pianists
C. Saint-Saëns – E. Guiraud Danse Macabre, op. 40
F. Schubert – E. Pauer Marche Militaire no. 1 in D major, op. 51
R. Wagner – L. Rock Tannhäuser overture

2 pianos – 2 pianists

E. Satie La belle excentrique
P. I. Tchaikovsky Nutcracker suite

1 piano – 4 pianists

A. Lavignac Gallop marche

1 piano – 3 pianists

S. Rachmaninoff Valse
A. Schnittke Hommage a Stravinsky, Prokofiev and Shostakovich (1979)